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Emma in Dr. Flug's lab coat by HopelessRomantic1997 Emma in Dr. Flug's lab coat :iconhopelessromantic1997:HopelessRomantic1997 7 4 Emma Autumn and Winter sketches by HopelessRomantic1997 Emma Autumn and Winter sketches :iconhopelessromantic1997:HopelessRomantic1997 6 3 AngelHat sketches (Leah X White Hat) by HopelessRomantic1997 AngelHat sketches (Leah X White Hat) :iconhopelessromantic1997:HopelessRomantic1997 7 4 Cuphead and Mugman (Art Trade with tooni-pi) by HopelessRomantic1997 Cuphead and Mugman (Art Trade with tooni-pi) :iconhopelessromantic1997:HopelessRomantic1997 10 2 Maria the Angel (Art Trade with Grimmixx) by HopelessRomantic1997 Maria the Angel (Art Trade with Grimmixx) :iconhopelessromantic1997:HopelessRomantic1997 7 2 Giftart for KurtKrawler by HopelessRomantic1997 Giftart for KurtKrawler :iconhopelessromantic1997:HopelessRomantic1997 5 0 Giftart for Smallmaplecat (InkyFur) by HopelessRomantic1997 Giftart for Smallmaplecat (InkyFur) :iconhopelessromantic1997:HopelessRomantic1997 9 5 Jako (Art Trade with lunar-neo) by HopelessRomantic1997 Jako (Art Trade with lunar-neo) :iconhopelessromantic1997:HopelessRomantic1997 5 2 Art Trade with Fennekku by HopelessRomantic1997 Art Trade with Fennekku :iconhopelessromantic1997:HopelessRomantic1997 5 2 Hatbot sketches (Villainous) by HopelessRomantic1997 Hatbot sketches (Villainous) :iconhopelessromantic1997:HopelessRomantic1997 4 4 ...Pocky? (Villainous) by HopelessRomantic1997 ...Pocky? (Villainous) :iconhopelessromantic1997:HopelessRomantic1997 7 0
Our Cute and Scary Kitten (Heroic AU/Villainous)
White Hat was in the living room, decorating the house for Halloween. It was Emily’s favorite holiday and he wanted to make it extra special for her, since it was the first year she was celebrating it with them. As he put up some Halloween themed light over the mantle, White Hat heard a timer go off. It was his maple leaf cookies he was making. He quickly went over to the oven, putting some oven mitts on and taking the tray of cookies out and putting them on top of the stove. The smell of fresh sugar cookies filled the air. Clementia could smell the cookies from her room, going down the stairs towards the kitchen. “Those cookies smell wonderful sir.” Clementia said. “Why thank you Clementia.” White Hat said, taking his oven mitts off. “I’ve been working on them all morning.” He said. “This place also looks very festive.” She said, standing next to him and seeing how beautiful the maple leaf cookies looked.
White Hat then went
:iconhopelessromantic1997:HopelessRomantic1997 2 2
Our Cute and Scary Little Bear (Villainous)
One Autumn afternoon, everyone was at the store looking for some Halloween candy. Dementia was looking all around the candy aisle, trying to see if she could find any sour candies. She really enjoyed sour candies, especially the ones that started out really sour and ended up sweet, and wanted to get a huge bag of them. 5.0.5 was looking at all of the bags of lollipops, licking his lips as he tried to figure out which bag of lollipops he wanted. There were all different kinds, some sweet, some sour, and some even had tropical flavors. He thought that they all looked delicious. Emma, Dr. Flug, and Black Hat were all looking near where all of the chocolates were. Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and more could be seen throughout the entire section of the aisle. Emma was holding Dr. Flug’s hand, looking up at the shelf, but was having trouble seeing the bags of candy near the top. Dr. Flug noticed Emma having a bit of trouble seeing the top of the shelf. “You wa
:iconhopelessromantic1997:HopelessRomantic1997 2 0
Sparco (InkyFur Fusion) by HopelessRomantic1997 Sparco (InkyFur Fusion) :iconhopelessromantic1997:HopelessRomantic1997 7 6 Marco shirt pocket (gift) by HopelessRomantic1997 Marco shirt pocket (gift) :iconhopelessromantic1997:HopelessRomantic1997 6 3 October (Undertale) by HopelessRomantic1997 October (Undertale) :iconhopelessromantic1997:HopelessRomantic1997 7 2
Welcome to my page and check out my gallery, it will blow your mind.


First off, you have such a beautiful style ^^ Anyway, for vision, you did very well on the way you did the lineart and the coloring. It...

First off, the animation itself is very smooth and well animated. I like how fluid the motion is, from the way Rainbow Dash's wings fla...

For vision, you did very well on the lineart, coloring, and shading. I also like your design for what Dr. Flug looks like under the pap...

For Vision, you did well on the lineart, coloring, and shading. ^^ The colors are very soft and pastel-like, the lineart is very smooth...


inktober2017: drowsy by Fel-Fisk inktober2017: drowsy :iconfel-fisk:Fel-Fisk 18 1 Gift: PPG Belle (2016 Style) by Wanda92 Gift: PPG Belle (2016 Style) :iconwanda92:Wanda92 8 0 Birthday Confession by KASAnimation Birthday Confession :iconkasanimation:KASAnimation 61 12 Sharyl/Shane and Patricia :: Commission by RainbowFilled Sharyl/Shane and Patricia :: Commission :iconrainbowfilled:RainbowFilled 15 3 ::BATIM Art Contest Entry:: Alice Angel Poster by SRtheGamer ::BATIM Art Contest Entry:: Alice Angel Poster :iconsrthegamer:SRtheGamer 8 0 This Sticker!! :'D by Cosmic-Retro-Head This Sticker!! :'D :iconcosmic-retro-head:Cosmic-Retro-Head 56 9 Mugman and Sindy by HTFNeoHeidi Mugman and Sindy :iconhtfneoheidi:HTFNeoHeidi 14 0 Mugman by Puijela10 Mugman :iconpuijela10:Puijela10 32 11 Toons going to Hollywood! by JuneDuck21 Toons going to Hollywood! :iconjuneduck21:JuneDuck21 39 3 Time to read by JuneDuck21 Time to read :iconjuneduck21:JuneDuck21 18 3 what was IN that potion?? by Sugarmatsu what was IN that potion?? :iconsugarmatsu:Sugarmatsu 20 3 Mavis Dracula by joaoppereiraus Mavis Dracula :iconjoaoppereiraus:joaoppereiraus 53 5 Donhae Shirtless by Cosnix Donhae Shirtless :iconcosnix:Cosnix 1 0 My candy apple by PoppyWeasel My candy apple :iconpoppyweasel:PoppyWeasel 12 1 Enid Bunny by joaoppereiraus Enid Bunny :iconjoaoppereiraus:joaoppereiraus 71 7 Jess  Gumball by SfinJe Jess Gumball :iconsfinje:SfinJe 13 0
Last Journal Entry:  Review Wednesday (155)Last Journal Entry: 
Hey guys, it’s Review Wednesday ^^
Today’s review will be on a comic from the amazing :iconjimpavlica: called Archetypal. Now, before I get into the review, I want to give you guys a heads up. This comic I’ll be reviewing today, along with the characters that are in this comic as well, are all very personal to the artist. I want you guys to keep this in mind and be aware of that as I do the review for the comic.
For those who don’t know, Archetypal is a comic that discusses topics like Anxiety and Personal Growth that the artist has went through in the past and how they are still on their journey to overcome this anxiety and growing as a person. This story is being told through his characters Boulder and Sunny as they experience their first fusion (Flash) together. One of the things I like about the comic is how each character in the story has a connection to the artist. I asked him about what each of the charac

Hey guys, it's Fun Fact Thursday ^^

Today's fun facts will be about Fiji...

Did you know Fiji is 1,300 north of New Zealand?

Did you know there is a lot of cannibalism in Fiji's history?

Did you know water is Fiji's main commercial export?

Did you know most native people who live in Fiji are Methodist?

Did you know that 1/3 of the 300 islands in Fiji are inhabited?

Did you also know Fiji is largely volcanic in its origin?

(( If you want more facts, go here:… ))



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Marie or Jasmine
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Welcome to my profile :D

Marie Journal Doll 2 by HopelessRomantic1997

Marie the rabbunk/Jasmine the werevel

A 20 year old girl who loves cartoons, anime, and enjoying drawing (both traditional and digital) all kinds of things from OC’s to fanart for tv shows. I also do topic themed journals from Monday to Friday. I accept requests for Wednesdays and Fridays, so if you want me to do something for either one of those days, comment below. Please be nice and friendly in the comments, I don’t want any cursing on my page please.

Point Commissions list: hopelessromantic1997.deviantar…
3DS XL friend code (if interested): 1908-0969-5020

:icontradesask: :iconrequestfriendsonly: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconpointcommissionsopen:

I do RPs for the following:
-Original OC's
-Steven Universe
-Night in the Woods
-Bendy and the Ink Machine

A few things to remember for RP's:
-I prefer to RP through notes, mainly because it's private and because if we need to go back to something we don't have to go through tons of comments...
-Please keep your note together. (This happens sometiems and it's really difficult for me to keep up with, please don't sent me one note responses.)
-There are sometimes when it takes me a bit to think of RP starters, come up with one just in case this happens. It's a rare thing for me, but you can't be too careful...
-Sometimes one of my notes may appear more than once, that happens sometimes...if it does. I'll apologize in advance
-Some of my OC's are open to relationships, I'll let you know if one of my OC's is open to one...
-I also have an RP account if you want to RP is in the ID somewhere...

My DA Family
-RL Sisters: :icondragondoodler11: and :iconetoilefilante555:
-Mom: :iconfoxeshh:
-Dad: :iconkioko-the-pirate:
-DA Sisters: :icontheofficialblazie: :iconbubblesmeow: :icontambermana: :iconkarezikind: :iconspectra615: :iconxxmoonlight-1-wishxx: :iconxxbloodyblossomxx: :iconallforcartoons: :iconnicebite108: :iconfinni-nf:
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- Insane Big sisters: :iconleti-wolf: :iconhissingraven:
-DA Brothers: :iconbeesandbats: :iconmidnight-wolfi3: :iconkei-limepie: :icon0640carlos: :iconm4dh4ttey266: :iconsoulreaper639: :iconsassthefamilykid: :iconmanniey:
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That moment when it feels cold all morning and then once the afternoon hits it gets hot. Fluctuating Temperatures 
I got almost 30 pages of quotes, which is awesome! Happy dance! -Markiplier Free2use 
(If you guys still want to send me quotes to put in the journal, just comment on my front page or in the statuses that I have posted about it. That way I can find them.)

Here are a few I wrote down today:

"Fighting is my life! It's what I was made for!" ~ Jasper, Steven universe

"You a Lean Cuisine." ~Jenna Marbles

"'s a pleasure doing Bismuth with you." ~Bismuth, Steven Universe

"He touched the butt." ~Finding Nemo
Fuzzy clothes are the best ^^

(...I've been cold all morning, so I decided to wear some fuzzy clothes to warm up a bit.)
I love drawing Black Hat with tentacle hair! Black hat icon 

...I just think it suits him so well.

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